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'Clean Earth Trust on a mission to monitor coastline’s rubbish'

Helped by funding from the Guernsey Community Foundation, the CET plans to hold weekly surveys on the island’s beaches and record its findings. It aims to get a broad and detailed understanding of waste and plastic deposition on the shores, which can be monitored year-on-year.

‘There’s a lot already happening on our beaches with organised cleans and what you can see on the Found on the Beach in Guernsey Facebook profile,’ said CET community engagement Helen Quin.

There is also the Guernsey Waste Wombling scheme.

‘This is about taking the goodwill of the people and turning it into a citizen science project.’

The shoreline between the Cobo kiosk and Saline slipway at Grandes Rocques was the latest stretch to undergo inspection. Findings will be recorded on a Marine Conservation Society survey form.

‘We’ve found dog poo – some bagged, some not – plastic bags, coffee cups, fishing rope, polystyrene, a toothbrush, bottles caps and lids, micro plastics and cigarette butts,’ said Miss Quin.

‘The things we want to establish include whether the waste is residential or international, and which parts of the coast are the most affected.’


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