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Corporate Programme

Businesses are rapidly adopting and publicising their corporate environmental responsibility (“CER”) policies. Trading partners and customers are seeking to work with like-minded businesses whose CER policy demonstrates a commitment to an environmentally sustainable business model. There are many ways in which businesses can develop the elements of their CER policy, one of which is to support charities which work to achieve a sustainable future. We are such a charity and are pleased to partner with businesses who wish to include appropriate charitable support as part of their overall CER policy.

Read our Corporate Partnership Programme for 2023 below:

We currently offer two main corporate activities including corporate beach cleans and repair café workshops. Find out more below.  

Corporate Beach Cleans:


  • pre-activity organisation and risk assessment

  • a member of staff to lead the activity (safeguarding certified and first aid qualified)

  • kit for adults and children including litter pickers, buckets, gloves, first aid kit, sharps bin, etc.

  • organise the process and disposal of waste collected

  • share the activity on social media, both during and after, to support your CSR comms

  • provide you with a report of what you found

Suggested donation: minimum of £300

Agilysis 2.jpg
a busy repair cafe.jpg

Repair Café Workshops:


  • we offer skilled seamstresses, to help and guide in the repair of broken or worn-out textiles. Whether it’s a jumper with a hole, a bag with a broken zip or a teddy that needs a new eye; our team will be able to offer guidance, advice or practical help to give the item a new lease of life. 

  • 90 minutes (suggested times during working hours 12:00-13:30 OR end of day 17:00-18:30)

  • we supply skilled textile repairers, sewing machines, repair box including patches, zips, fastenings, thread, Velcro etc

Suggested donation: minimum of £300

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