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Now in its third year, the Sustain Ability Challenge is an annual event run throughout the month of September where individuals, families, schools, groups and businesses challenged to lower their impact on the environment by making a sustainable switch every day throughout the month.

The 2021 challenge goes online using Stickerbook software, where participants will have their own profile to complete actions and monitor their progress. Inside the platform there is video and written guidance to explore plastic free alternatives, local actions, ways to reduce waste, routes to being more energy efficient, going chemical free and reducing emissions. 


For businesses, there’s also the opportunity to link results at the end of the challenge and see the switches that have been made as a team, which may help support and contribute towards ESG objectives. 

The challenge starts on 1st September, however you can start your journey at any point throughout the month. The challenges vary in complexity with gold, silver and bronze progress stickers to collect along the way, and although they are numbered, the challenges can be done in any order. 

Take the Challenge

Are you an individual, business, school or group interested in lowering your environmental impact? Register your interest for the 2022 challenge at 

Time to Act

Annual carbon concentration in the atmosphere is continuing to rise and on current trend we will push quickly past 1.5°C. Our consumption and lifestyle habits cannot be sustained, with deforestation, loss of biodiversity, loss of essential pollinators and ocean pollution being just some of the consequences. Unless we step up and take significant action now to reduce our impact on the planet, it will become increasingly uninhabitable, with the rise in sea levels predicted to displace approximately 640 million people by 2100. 


As global citizens we can all have an impact in making change happen, together, and we still have an incredible opportunity to turn it all around. Whilst much of the impact may not seem significant currently to us here in the Bailiwick, we rely heavily on resources from foreign sources and have a responsibility to support them. 

Our impact around the world is significant when we stop and consider the source and origins of all we interact with in our daily lives. While there’s more to becoming sustainable than using your own bag at the supermarket, every small step towards reducing carbon emissions and protecting our biodiversity is a step worth taking. 

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Corporate Programme

Get in touch if you are interested in incorporating any of our projects or events into your team building programme or CSR strategy.

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