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The Repair Café goes online, with the launch of a new Community Group

The Repair Café has created a new online community within Facebook to support anyone who needs to carry out a repair on an item, but needs some help and advice to do it.

Camilla Smillie, Sustainable Projects Lead at the Clean Earth Trust Comments, “We’re unable to run our Repair Café events at the moment, but we can still help out with repairs. By creating an online community, we have provided a place where our skilled volunteers can continue to offer help and advice so that users get the support they need to attempt a repair themselves”.

The group is open to all, and anyone can join and post a question about something that needs repairing, along with a photo or video of the problem. Some of the volunteer repairers from the Repair Cafe are within the group, ready to offer advice on clothing, knitwear and leather items.

Camilla goes on to say, “If we don’t have a volunteer who can help straight away with an item, or doesn’t have the skills to fix the broken item, anyone from the community can join the conversation and offer their advice, so I’d encourage anyone to get involved and join the group if you have some knowledge and skills to offer.”

The Facebook group is called the Repair Café Guernsey Community and is here:


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